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Since the discovery of graphene, the industry has been lacking methods and manufacturing protocols for the production of high-quality graphene and is effective at preventing the restacking of individual layers of graphene sheets. Nanotech Energy has made a lot of progress towards that end. Ultra-graphene is a product with single-layer carbon sheets and low oxygen content and can be readily processed for solutions.

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Technical specification
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Product uses

Some recommended applications include but not limited to:

  • batteries
  • supercapacitors
  • sensors
  • conductive films
  • transparent conducting electrodes
  • anti-corrosion coatings
  • antistatic coatings
  • thermoelectric device
  • RFID antennas
  • electronics
  • functional inks
  • composites
  • catalysis
  • fuel cells
  • water filtration
  • environmental remediation
  • structural materials

Elemental Analysis

Carbon 85-88% wt
Hydrogen 0.7-0.9% wt
Nitrogen <0.3% wt
Oxygen 2-6% wt

Product Specifications

Appearance Fluffy Powder
Color Black
Odor Odorless
Manufacturing method Reduction of GO
Carbon content (XPS) 96.5% at
Oxygen content (XPS) 3.1% at
Ash (XPS) <0.5% at
Solubility in water Insoluble
Dispersibility dispersible at low concentrations in ethylene glycol, isopropanol, ethyl acetate, chloroform, DMF, NMP, THF, and dichlorobenzene
Conductivity (Pressed pellet) >3500 ± 500 S/m
Surface area (BET – Nitrogen) 951 ± 64 m2/g
Apparent (tapped) density 0.0015-0.0030 g/cm3
Moisture 0-5 wt%
Lateral size of rGO flakes D90 0.65 µm
D50 0.36 µm
D10 0.220 µm
Number of layers (AFM) Monolayer

Differentiating Factor (What makes it unique)

ULTRA Graphene produced by our proprietary top-down process exhibits an excellent combination of low oxygen content, high conductivity, and high accessible surface area, making it the closest mass-produced alternative to CVD graphene.

During processing, the truly single layer nature of ULTRA Graphene is still preserved, resulting in an ultra-low apparent density.

Potential Markets

With all the features combined, Ultra Graphene will find its role in a wide variety of industries:

Consumer Electronics

Military And Defenses

Auto Industry

Research And Development Labs, Etc​



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