Ultra Graphene – Powder


Since the discovery of graphene, the industry has been lacking methods and manufacturing protocols for the production of high-quality graphene and is effective at preventing the restacking of individual layers of graphene sheets.


Nanotech Energy has made a lot of progress towards that end. Ultra-graphene is a product with single-layer carbon sheets and low oxygen content and can be readily processed for solutions.

Elemental Analysis

Carbon85-88 wt%
Hydrogen0.7-0.9 wt%
Nitrogen<0.3 wt%
Oxygen2-6 wt%

Product Specifications

AppearanceFluffy powder
Apparent (Tapped) Density0.0015-0.003 g/cm3
Particle Size Distribution of Bulk PowderD10: 7.09 μm; D50: 12.1 μm; D90: 19.3 μm
Lateral Size of Graphene FlakesD10: 0.20 μm; D50: 0.36 μm; D90: 0.65 μm
Electrical Conductivity3500±500 S/m
Surface Area – BET Nitrogen951±64 m2/g
Carbon Content (XPS)96.5 at%
Oxygen Content (XPS)3.1 at%
Ash Content<0.5 at%
DispersibilityDispersible at low
concentrations in ethylene
glycol, isopropanol,ethyl
acetate, chloroform, DMF,
NMP, THF, and

Product Uses

  • Batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Sensors
  • Conductive Films
  • Transparent Conducting Electrodes
  • Electronics
  • Functional Inks

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