The Power of Graphene

Discover how we’re leading the charge with our award-winning graphene super battery


Introducing the super battery

Picture this: no more leaving your smartphone or laptop on charge overnight but instead it’s fully charged and ready to use in seconds. The same goes for power tools, home appliances and even life-saving medical equipment – super-fast charging and longer lasting, completely transforming everyday life, all thanks to the next generation of battery: the Nanotech graphene super battery.

Expertly designed by our in-house team, our super battery is here to revolutionise the world of technology.


A lithium-ion battery like you’ve never seen before

Always wanting to push harder, move faster and see how far our innovation can take us, the team has successfully used graphene to enable the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. Using the conductivity and surface area of graphene (it can stretch up to 20% of its length) to improve the electrochemical properties of the lithium-ion battery anode and cathode simultaneously, the super battery delivers super power density, energy density and cycling life like you’ve never experienced before.


Driving force

Our graphene super-batteries can be customized for high energy or high power applications, and will power your electric car for more than 400 miles so all you have to think about is the destination. No more waiting for your smartphone to charge overnight or worrying about your battery draining while you’re out and about. Our expert team has designed our super batteries with very low internal resistance meaning they recharge in just seconds.  


The non-flammable battery you need to know about


Our ground-breaking battery technology

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