Marine Batteries

Safe, agile and effective – our marine batteries are changing the world of maritime technology

Cruise liners, cargo ships and ferries are just some of the vessels that require marine energy storage that has both sufficient storage density but meets rigorous safety requirements. While fire extinguishing and sophisticated cooling systems are in place, there is still risk of an uncontrollable fire on board marine vessels without advanced energy storage in place.


What’s more, as with many industries, there’s a huge focus on reducing carbon emission and it’s no different for the maritime industry. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a goal to reduce the carbon intensity of international shipping by at least 40% by 2030 and around 70% by 2050.


The Problem with Marine Batteries

Current lithium-ion batteries use an organic electrolyte which is highly flammable, causing fires that are extremely hard to extinguish. Enter Nanotech…


Our Solution

The Nanotech Energy team has developed innovative non-flammable lithium-ion battery technology, ensuring that energy storage at sea is not only safe but efficient. Our American-made, marine batteries have been designed to withstand the power demands of the largest cruise liner or cargo vessel while remaining cost-effective.

With the environment in mind, our batteries offer a sustainable, clean power source that blows alternative lithium-ion batteries out of the water when it comes to environmental creds. A cleaner, safer, more efficient marine energy solution is here, thanks to our team.

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