Household Batteries

How we’re innovating the future of tech

Your clever fitness tracker or smart watch – a powerful piece of tech equipment, with one of the most important elements being the huge battery that enables it to track your steps, ping you reminders or tell you you’re running late.


These smart little gadgets along with other consumer electronics such as home security systems, portable vacuums, toys, laptops and our phones have increased the demand for more efficient lithium-ion batteries. We’ve been revolutionising the household battery as you know it to make it more compact, lightweight and energy-dense meaning you’ll get far more from your smart tech in just one single charge.


The Problem with Household Batteries

While the wearable tech industry has come a long way, there’s still progress to be made when it comes to developing the most effective, efficient and innovative battery possible. Our team is relentlessly researching, testing and refining our batteries to drive the future of wearable tech to the next level.


Our Solution

Our graphene-powered batteries have been developed to give you maximum operation time, extended product lifetime and an even safer, non-flammable, battery than ever before. When it comes to the future of consumer electronics and battery technology, we’re absolutely leading the charge.

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