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We are the problem-solvers who don’t settle until we’ve discovered a better solution to powering our world – no matter what it takes. Dedicated to bringing cutting-edge products to the frontlines of human ingenuity, we’re here to deliver safe, sustainable and efficient ways to harness the possibilities of super materials at scale. 

Together with our valued customers and vendors, Nanotech Energy is delivering meaningful technologies that make the impossible possible. 


Engineering the industries of the future

Our endeavours are opening the door to diverse opportunities across different markets – from energy storage systems that can last three times longer on a single charge to electric cars that are miles ahead of today’s capabilities. As we continue to build momentum with leading talent and R&D, discovering safer, greener, more powerful solutions to industry approaches is only a matter of time.

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Our team of scientists are here to support you across testing, analysis and product development. Backed by years of experience, we can help you take the leap from theory to full production levels.


Your Partners for Progress


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