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Lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are very popular in portable electronics because of their high energy density and small memory effect. They play an important role in the progress of electric vehicles, power tools, military and aerospace applications. However, like any other any storage system, LIBs still suffer from many shortcomings. While normal electronic devices have seen very rapid progress following Moore's law, batteries have advanced only slightly. Our goal at Nanotech Energy is to minimize that gap by developing a new generation of batteries with performance features far exceeding those currently available in the market.

Graphene super battery (Gen 1)

Thanks to its outstanding surface area and high electronic conductivity, Nanotech Energy used graphene to improve the electrochemical properties of the lithium ion battery anode and cathode simultaneously. This has enabled a new generation of lithium ion batteries, we call graphene super battery (Gen I), with outstanding power density, energy density and cycling life.

Highly customizable

Graphene Super-batteries can be customized for high energy or high power applications.

Fast charging

Designed with very low internal resistance, graphene SUPERbatteries have the ability of fast recharging.


Our G1 batteries promise electric cars with more than 400 miles, which is difficult to achieve with current batteries.

Graphene Battery
(Gen II)

Lithium ion batteries are widely used in modern electronics and electric cars due to their high energy density and long cycle life. However, there are increasing safety concerns after reports of the devices catching on fire due the battery failure. Nanotech Energy is developing a number of non-flammable electrolyte systems with improved safety features while also enhancing the power density of the battery.

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hybrid battery
(Gen V)

Nanotech Energy has developed groundbreaking energy storage technology that has the high capacity of a battery and the power performance of supercapacitors in one device.

This was made possible by carefully addressing the device chemistry and combining active materials with electrolytes that operate at high voltages. Nanotech Generation V batteries feature aqueous alkaline electrolytes and are assembled in the air without the need for expensive ‘dry rooms’ required for building today’s lithium-ion batteries, which promises ten times reduction in production cost. Furthermore, these hybrid batteries can store charge comparable to a traditional lithium-ion battery, yet they can be recharged in just a few minutes compared to hours for conventional batteries.

In addition, the device combines very low ESR of less than 5 milliohms (18650 form factor) and essentially unlimited charge/discharge cycles. With their remarkable performance, Generation V will ultimately offer novel opportunities in powering the next generation of portable electronics.

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