Graphene Products

Single layer graphene oxide products with superior optical and chemical properties, available in dispersions, paste and dry powder .

Supreme Graphene Oxide

Single-layer graphene oxide products with superior optical and chemical properties

Premium Graphene Products

Premium graphene offers unusual electrical, optical, and mechanical properties, having the potential to open the door for a wide range of technological applications.

Ultra Graphene Products

Nanotech Energy has made a lot of progress towards that end. Ultra-graphene is a product with single-layer carbon sheets and low oxygen content and can be readily processed for solutions.

Prime Graphene Products

Prime Graphene Oxide is the oxidized form of graphene made by the oxidation of graphite. It is an atomically thin 2D material featuring massive oxygen contained functional groups at the graphene surface.

Custom Dispersion Program

Work with our team of scientists to develop your own graphene powered product: Learn about our custom dispersion program.