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We’re turning graphene and other nano materials into safer and more powerful products – with highly-customized solutions to fit any use case.

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Now available for pre-orders and shipping Q4 2022 to industry-leading OEMs, non-flammable batteries and pouch cell battery packs can be fully customized to fit any form factor or container; CES 2022 Innovation Award winner in Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy category to showcase its battery tech at CES 2022 and meet with OEMs


Company Launches Proprietary Non-Flammable, high-performing battery ready for commercialization.

The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), today announced that Nanotech Energy, the world’s leading manufacturer of graphene and the only producer of non-flammable, graphene-based batteries on the market, is expanding its operations to Storey County, Nevada, east of Reno, with a new 517-acre, multiple building manufacturing facility in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. The high-volume facility will significantly increase Nanotech Energy’s manufacturing capacity to produce and scale its patented, non-flammable Graphene batteries and other graphene-powered products, including EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding, transparent conducting electrodes, conductive inks, conductive adhesives and silver nanowires. View a short video about Nanotech Energy here.

Nanotech Energy plans to develop the 517-acre campus in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center to include multiple buildings and a combined footprint in excess of one million square feet, in support of the company’s exponential U.S. and international expansion. The new campus is anticipated to bring more than 1000 jobs to the region over the next five years, including a significant number of engineering and research positions. The first building is slated to open in Q4 2022.

“Nanotech Energy’s proprietary, graphene-based, nanotechnology overcomes the safety, limited storage capacity and recharge speed challenges of traditional lithium-ion batteries, and our new Northern Nevada facility will manufacture energy storage that will help power the world,” said Nanotech Energy Chairman, CEO and co-founder, Dr. Jack Kavanaugh. “Nanotech Energy is the first and only producer to break the 50% content barrier by reaching 98% monolayer graphene, the wonder material that powers our products. We’ve already developed groundbreaking energy storage using technology that has the high capacity of a battery and the power performance of supercapacitors in a single solution.”

Nanotech Energy recently announced $64 million Series D funding at a $550 million post-Series D valuation. The Series D funding led by Taiwan’s largest financial services company, Fubon Financial Holding Co, and brought the total amount of funding raised to date by Nanotech Energy to $94.9 million.

“The expansion of Nanotech Energy to Northern Nevada is a potential game-changer that aligns closely with our energy and economic development initiatives, bringing a significant number of high paying, engineering jobs to our community,” said Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of EDAWN. “The future of generations to come depends on technological advances that harness renewable energy and implementation in products that have the potential to impact and benefit countless aspects of our lives. Nanotech Energy is leading this charge and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to Nevada. A special thanks to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for supporting this project.”

About Nanotech Energy
Nanotech Energy is on a mission to bring transformative, graphene-based, energy storage products from the research lab to the mass market. Our very high surface area, single layer graphene material is already being used in multiple applications, including non-flammable batteries, transparent conducting electrodes, conductive inks, printed electronics, conductive epoxy, antistatic coatings and EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Jack Kavanaugh and noted UCLA scientists Dr. Richard Kaner and Dr. Maher El-Kady, Nanotech Energy is headquartered in Los Angeles and is a privately held company backed by Multiverse Investment Fund, Fubon Financial Group and other strategic investors. Learn more at

The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada is a private/public partnership established in 1983 committed to adding quality jobs to the region by recruiting new companies, supporting the success of existing companies, and assisting newly forming companies, to diversify the economy and have a positive impact on the quality of life in Greater Reno-Sparks-Tahoe. For more information, visit

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May 18, 2020

–via NetworkWire – Nanotech Energy Inc. (“Nanotech Energy” or the “Company”), the world’s top supplier of graphene, announces the official close of its Series C Preferred Round of funding. This round of participation/funding was expected to close at $25 million, yet included a “shoe” to allow for an additional $2.5 million for a total of $27.5 million invested. The funding was expanded to accommodate the oversubscription, following board of directors’ approval. The post-money valuation of this round was $227.5 million.

“This round of funding – with such high-level and committed investors –validates the need the international market has for our proprietary battery technology,”said Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, chairman and CEO of Nanotech Energy Inc. “We are confident that we have a one-of-a-kind, industry-changing product that will impact the technologies and bottom lines of multiple end-user markets. This round of funding allows us to dramatically expand our production of graphene batteries, as well as our production of conductive epoxies, conductive inks and electromagnetic interference shielding spray paints and films. This will also facilitate our efforts to further increase our large-scale manufacturing of high-quality graphene that we provide for use in downstream applications.”

“Lithium-ion batteries have transformed the way society uses energy, yet there are a number of documented safety issues,”said Dr. Maher El-Kady, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nanotech Energy. “We perfected the battery by utilizing the extraordinary electronic and mechanical properties of graphene to increase the battery capacity. To further increase the safety of a lithium ion battery, we took a step further by designing a non-flammable electrolyte that can withstand operation at high temperatures without catching fire.”

The funding news dovetails with the Company’s creation and production of non-flammable, lithium batteries with highest performance levels of other batteries. The Nanotech Energy Graphene Super Battery safely delivers efficient, fast charging and long-lasting battery power.

“Graphene is one of the strongest known materials, is completely flexible, and an excellent conductor of electricity – thus preventing the battery from overheating,”stated Dr. Richard Kaner, UCLA Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science and Engineering. “More importantly, graphene can withstand the volume changes of the battery electrodes during charge and discharge, reducing the chances of an internal short circuit; leading to a safer and more powerful battery.”

“Most industries and end users are confined to the technology of lithium-ion batteries, from smartphone and laptop manufacturers to automotive manufacturers to the consumer at large. They are limited to a battery technology that is well-known and documented to be dangerous – highly combustible and flammable,” continued Kavanaugh. “You have advanced and successful industries relying on a dangerous yet vital technology for decades. Nanotech Energy now offers all of these industries a path toward a safe and more powerful battery technology – a game changer for them.”

In preparation for its graphene battery launch, Nanotech Energy has been working on the development of a high-performance, non-flammable battery for Daimler Mercedes hybrid and electric automobiles.

“Three years ago, we challenged Nanotech Energy to provide us with the safest non-flammable battery chemistry,” stated Andreas Hintennach, Ph.D.,global head of battery researchfor Daimler AG. “Nanotech Energy exceeded our challenge. Usually you sacrifice performance once you develop extremely safe chemistry. Now, for the first time, we have access to extremely safe chemistry that provides high performance and we are very pleased.”


Currently, most batteries that industries commonly use are produced with lithium-ion, which is universally recognized as a dangerous and hazardous material. In devices and products with built-in lithium batteries, such as cellular phones, laptops and electric automobiles, pressure from parts surrounding the lithium batteries can cause damage to the wires around the batteries and lead to short circuiting. When lithium-ion batteries get shorted, the energy from the battery gets released suddenly, causing the temperature to rise hundreds of degrees within milliseconds – resulting in the battery catching fire.

The concern regarding the dangers of lithium batteries is so great that the FAA has banned them as cargo on passenger planes. Carriers from the U.S. Postal Service to Federal Express do not want to put their employees in danger with the transport of such batteries. Other technologies being explored, such as zinc batteries, produce less reliable and less efficient batteries.

Electric cars pose a similar threat, with some manufacturers facing class-action lawsuits due to explosions from their batteries. There are thousands of lithium batteries making up the electric vehicle’s battery pack. If all of these batteries ignite at the same time – something that has happened –the explosion is massive.

The Nanotech Energy Battery is manufactured in the United States with a shelf costroughly the same as the leading lithium-ion versions; yet Nanotech batteries are ultimately less expensive, as they last much longer. Within the next year, the Company is planning to release an environmentally friendly battery that can charge 18 times faster than anything that is currently available on the market.

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