Transforming the world with next gen super materials

About Nanotech and our batteries

  • Only truly safe battery cell in the market

  • Lowest operating temperature -40 on the market

  • Manufacturing world’s only industrialized single layer graphene

  • 100% American made

  • Pilot plant established, mass manufacturing Q3 2023

  • Over 400 patents, 42 patent families

  • Enabling disruptive energy storage applications

Features of Graphene Powered Batteries

  • Safe Operation: Unlike traditional Li-ion, Nanotech batteries do not catch fire. EUCAR 1*
  • Works on Hot & Cold: Works under extreme weather conditions – good for real world applications. -40ºC – +60ºC*
  • Long Cycle Life: Demonstrates more than 2000+ cycles for 80% cut off – compare at 300. ~2000 Cycles *
  • High Energy Density: The battery exhibits 562 Wh/I and 215 Wh/kg energy density. 562 Wh/L*
  • Low Cost Per Kwb: Produced at or near the cost of conventional Li ion batteries. Competitive*

More information

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– Safety Data Information
– Technical Data Sheet
– Testing videos and data

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