Published January 16 2021

Safe Graphene Battery Won’t Unexpectedly Burst Into Flames Like Lithium-Ion

Author: Richard Kaner

Originally published: January 16, 2021

Whether it’s filtering salt from saltwater and the color out of whisky or creating next-generation body armor that’s stronger than diamonds, graphene truly is a wonder material with seemingly no end to its amazing abilities. One of the potentially most exciting? Helping create next-gen batteries that could conceivably compete with the current gold standard, lithium-ion batteries, when it comes to power future devices. With a few crucial advantages. 

That’s what Nanotech Energy is trying to do with graphene-based lithium ion batteries: non-flammable and more efficient batteries that could potentially be used for tomorrow’s energy providing requirements.

“Nanotech Energy has developed a game-changing non-flammable graphene-based lithium ion battery, providing a safer solution for longer lasting energy storage,” Maher El-Kady, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nanotech Energy, told Digital Trends. “We [have] learned how critical it is to have a safe battery. A very good example is what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and associated battery fires in 2016. The fire incidents led the phone to be banned from air transportation and cost Samsung more than $14 billion in damage to their market capitalization. Now imagine what would happen to consumer electronics with our safe battery solution. We also believe it is going to be a game-changer for the electric car market as well.”Nanotech Energy

Not only are Nanotech Energy’s graphene batteries reportedly less flammable than traditional lithium-ion power cells, but the company claims that they are also more efficient; storing more charge, recharging much faster, and boasting a greater number of cycles before the battery reaches the end of its natural life. The battery tech is still in development, meaning that it’s not yet available in products that allow for this to be tested by consumers around the world. Nonetheless, it’s certainly something to get cautiously excited about.

“Nanotech Graphene Super Batteries are in the prototype stage and are being tested by a number of global companies in different industries,” Jack Kavanaugh, chairman and CEO of Nanotech Energy, told Digital Trends. “[The] next step is for Nanotech to build out its manufacturing capacity and then supply industry.”

Coming soon to a laptop, mobile device, or wearable near you. Hopefully.

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