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Conductive Inks

Graphene Powered Conductive Inks


Nanotech Energy develops resistive and conductive inks using graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, and metal-based nano materials. These inks can be used for consumer electronics applications such as photovoltaics, touch panels, flexible circuits, RFID, EMI shielding, via filling, and many more. The inks can be applied using widely available non-vacuum coating techniques such as inkjet, gravure, screen, aerosol jet, spray, dispensing. It is also quite interesting that the inks are compatible with a wide array of substrates (PET, glass, ITO, Polyimide, COP, etc.) and can be cured, either thermally, photonically, and by flash or UV lamps.

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Status: Emerging

Technical specification
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Nanotech is dedicated to creating safer, superior products for our customers. We work hard to provide highly customizable inks by working with customers to create products specifically designed for their coating needs. Here at Nanotech Energy, we push the boundaries of what is possible in order to meet customer needs and create a better more sustainable world.

Product uses

Nanotech Energy is developing a wide range of inks that have diverse applications in the market and are available in large quantities. Our graphene products exhibit a great deal of chemical, optical, mechanical, and electrical properties. These properties are ideal for many applications including:

  • energy conversion
  • energy storage
  • electronics
  • composites
  • catalysis
  • biomedical
  • membranes
  • sensors
  • biosensors
  • gas separations
  • surfactants, and of course:
  • inks!



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