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Eco EMI Armour Sheets


The first patent for graphene was filed in 2002. Dr. Richard Kaner has exclusively licensed its use to Nanotech Energy. Nanotech focuses on the true form of graphene and its applications to electronics. Graphene, because of its high surface area to weight ratio, is utilized in energy storage as it can significantly increase the amount of energy that can be stored per volume. We have invented a process to manufacture, in quantity, the highest quality graphene by comparison to every other. Nanotech produces graphene for uses in super-batteries, supercapacitors, conductive inks, and conductive epoxies. Graphene oxide and impure forms are utilized for structural elements in items from bicycles to autos. Nanotech energy has the full capability to meet specific requirements and can produce large quantities.

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Nanotech Eco EMI Armour is a thin, flexible and lightweight conductive sheet produced based on Nanotech Premium Graphene technology, designed to attenuate electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) and dissipate heat for heat management. These features are critical for modern technology, in which heat sinks utilize conduction and convection for heat dissipation in order to avoid a thermal shutdown. Unlike conventional metal foils and meshes, Nanotech Eco EMI Armour sheets are mechanically robust, corrosion-resistant, and offer processing advantages.


We offer the shielding sheets in various thicknesses to meet the diverse requirements for EMI shielding applications. The sheets are flexible and can be cut into customizable shapes.


Product Uses:


The product is designed to prevent EMI/RFI from impacting sensitive electronics. The product features graphene-based carbon composite that provides significant weight reduction, and reduced cost, while achieving the required protection for the Gigahertz frequency range. An example application is in the field of medical and laboratory equipment that requires protection from interfering signals such as AM, FM and TV. The product also offers an excellent combination of mechanical and thermal properties. This can be very useful for electronics found in military, automotive, and aerospace products that generate intense heat. The excellent thermal conductivity of graphene can help dissipate the heat away.