Inkjet Printable RGO – ECT


Using proprietary polymer binder, this ink allows for stable, high-concentration graphene dispersion that produce functional patterns with high precision.

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Nanotech Energy is developing inkjet printable inks based on graphene with tunable viscosity and surface tension that are ideal for inkjet printing and down stream applications. With its thermal and chemical stability and intrinsic flexibility making our inks ideal for flexible electronics.


Product Specifications:


  • Composition: Reduced graphene oxide
  • Solvent: ECT proprietary solvent
  • Viscosity: 4.7 cps
  • Surface tension: 41.1 g/sec2
  • Particle size: lateral dimension: < 0.7 micron
  • Conductivity: >3000 S/m
  • Concentration:: 24 mg/mL
  • Percent graphene loading: 2.4% (w/w)
  • Binder: Yes
  • Application: Inkjet, spray and spin coating
  • Curing conditions: 250°C for 30 min


We are committed to work with our customers to develop customizable graphene inks for their specific application. Our conductive inks can be optimized for different processing and coating techniques as well as different curing conditions.

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