Inkjet Printable GO – Water


The presence of hydrophilic functional group on the surface of GO leads to the formation of stable colloids in water. This GO can be converted to conducting graphene using thermal and photothermal techniques.

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Please refer chart below to choose a concentration according to your requirements:

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Nanotech Energy has developed inkjet printable inks based on graphene with tunable viscosity and surface tension that are ideal for inkjet printing and down stream applications. Thermal and chemical stability, along with intrinsic flexibility makes our inks ideal for flexible electronics. Unlike graphene, our functionalized graphene oxide results in stable dispersions in water and organic solvents allowing for faster processing with various printing techniques. The resulting films demonstrate superior mechanical properties with excellent adhesion to the substrates. These GO circuits can be converted back to graphene with excellent electrical conductivity using a number of methods disclosed in the specification sheet.

We offer a wide range of inkjet inks based on GO with variable concentration and viscosities. For properties, curing and other characteristics, download the technical specification PDF


We are committed to work with our customers to develop customizable graphene inks for their specific application. Our conductive inks can be optimized for different processing and coating techniques as well as different curing conditions.

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