Supreme Graphene Oxide

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Supreme Graphene Oxide – Paste

Graphene paste with high solid content (4-5 wt %) in which water acts as an effective spacer to prevent the restacking of graphene sheets.

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Graphene Oxide is the oxidized form of graphene. It is an atomically thin 2D material made by the oxidation of graphite. Its surface is rich with oxygen functional groups, rendering the material hydrophilic and enabling its processing from water on a large scale


Product Specifications:

  • Appearance: Paste
  • Color: Brown
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Solid content (conc.): 7-11.5% (w/w)
  • Solvent: Water
  • pH of the product: 1.9-3.0
  • Tapped density: 0.9-1.05 g/cm3
  • Dispersibility: dispersible in polar solvents including water, ethanol, isopropanol, NMP, DMF and ethylene glycol Lateral size of GO sheets (precision ±20%)* D90: 1.0 µm D50: 0.7 µm D10: 0.3 µm
  • number of layers: single atomic layers - at least 90%**

Elemental Analysis:

  • Carbon: 40-50%
  • Hydrogen: 0-2.5%
  • Nitrogen: 0-1%
  • Oxygen: 40-51%

* Lateral size of GO nanosheets measured using AFM.

** Single atomic layers can be achieved by dispersing GO in water followed by sonication for at least 5 min (probe) or 30 min (bath).


Product Uses:


Graphene oxide exhibits a great deal of chemical, optical, mechanical, and electrical properties, which is ideal for plenty of applications including energy conversion and storage, electronics, conductive inks and coatings, composites, catalysis, biomedical, membranes, sensors and biosensors, gas separations and surfactants.