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Dura Elite EMI Armour Sheet


The first patent for graphene was filed in 2002. Dr. Richard Kaner has exclusively licensed its use to Nanotech Energy. Nanotech focuses on the true form of graphene and its applications to electronics. Graphene, because of its high surface area to weight ratio, is utilized in energy storage as it can significantly increase the amount of energy that can be stored per volume. We have invented a process to manufacture, in quantity, the highest quality graphene by comparison to every other. Nanotech produces graphene for uses in super-batteries, supercapacitors, conductive inks, and conductive epoxies. Graphene oxide and impure forms are utilized for structural elements in items from bicycles to autos. Nanotech energy has the full capability to meet specific requirements and can produce large quantities.

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The Nanotech Dura Elite EMI Armour lineup is based on polyurethane empowered by silver-coated copper flakes and Nanotech Energy Premium Graphene. The silver-coated copper provides excellent electric conductivity to the polymer matrix, enabling electromagnetic signal attenuation. The Premium Graphene enforces the polyurethane matrix to enhance its physical robustness, improving upon its mechanical robustness and abrasion resistance while maintaining structural flexibility.


The Nanotech Dura Elite EMI Armour Sheet is a tough and flexible conductive sheet that provides EMI shielding, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.


Product Uses:


EMI/RFI shielding for plastic and glass enclosures,
Conductive coating for charge dissipation and grounding,
Corrosion protection for metal surfaces,
Military vehicles and airframes,