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Nanotech in the News!

24 December 2020

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As a leading manufacturer of graphene, we are so proud to referenced in a series of November articles focusing on our new generation of graphene batteries and our revolutionary graphene process.

Profiles of our graphene batteries in AZONano:

Nanotech Energy: Graphene-Based Batteries for Revolutionary Energy Storage
Nanotech Energy is developing a new generation of graphene lithium batteries with superior performance to those currently on the market. The batteries are expected to replace the traditional lithium-ion battery and feature revolutionary energy storage abilities. They find many applications in the modern world, such as electric vehicles. Read More

Nanotech Energy’s Non-Flammable Graphene-Based Battery
The world’s top supplier of graphene, Nanotech Energy Inc. has launched a high-performing non-flammable battery with a total investment of $27.5 million. Read More

Strategic Elements’ Self-Charging Battery with Graphene Oxide Materials

Graphene is being used in many different forms and in many functional products, with the portfolio of graphene products on the market continuously increasing. A lot of interest has been shown in graphene’s use in batteries, and it has since become an area of intense research and development. Read More

Interested in learning more about Nanotech Energy’s graphene process? Check out this video:


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