Nanotech Energy Launches Non-Flammable Battery

Our battery safely delivers efficient and long-lasting battery power.
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California, USA

Nanotech Energy Launches Non-Flammable Battery

The closing of Series C funding dovetails with the creation and production of our high-performance, non-flammable batteries. The performance levels of this battery – the Nanotech Energy Graphene Super Battery – is far beyond any other type of mass-produced battery. Our battery safely delivers efficient and long-lasting battery power. 

And Daimler Mercedes agrees! In preparation for its graphene battery launch, Nanotech Energy has been working on the development of a high-performance, non-flammable battery for Daimler Mercedes hybrid and electric automobiles. 

Andreas Hintennach, Ph.D., and global head of battery research at Daimler AG stated: “Three years ago, we challenged Nanotech Energy to provide us with the safest non-flammable battery chemistry. Nanotech Energy exceeded our challenge. Now, for the first time, we have access to extremely safe chemistry that provides high performance for our hybrid vehicles. We are extraordinarily pleased.”

The Dangers of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Currently, most batteries that industries commonly use are produced with lithium-ion, which is universally recognized as a dangerous and hazardous material. In devices and products with built-in lithium batteries, such as cellular phones, laptops and electric automobiles, pressure from parts surrounding the lithium batteries can cause damage to the wires around the batteries and lead to short circuiting. When lithium-ion batteries get shorted, the energy from the battery gets released suddenly, causing the temperature to rise hundreds of degrees within milliseconds – resulting in the battery catching fire. 

The Nanotech Energy Battery is manufactured in the United States with a shelf cost roughly the same as the leading lithium-ion versions; yet Nanotech batteries are ultimately less expensive, as they last much longer.  Within the next year, the Company is planning to release an environmentally friendly battery that can charge 18 times faster than anything that is currently available on the market.To view our complete press release, click here:

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