Nanotech Energy | Employee of the Month – May 2021

Congratulations to Wyatt our May 2021 Employee of the Month!
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California, USA

Nanotech Energy | Employee of the Month – May 2021

Congratulations to Wyatt our May 2021 Employee of the Month! 

Wyatt Hursh, May 2021 Employee of the Month

In the 3+ years since Wyatt began with NE, he has been instrumental in taking our patented battery technology from lab to pilot and now to large [giant] scale manufacturing. Although his current title is ‘Li-ion Cell Assembly Manager’ his role goes far above and beyond. Wyatt is currently responsible for overseeing and facilitating the mixing and coating of our patented slurry as well as the assembly and testing of our battery cells. He is also instrumental in the decision-making process of purchasing, installing, and training on our new equipment for scale up. Wyatt will be traveling to multiple countries overseas to fulfill his responsibilities in ‘Factory Acceptability Testing’ of various equipment.

When asked how his role relates to the Nanotech Energy mission Wyatt said: “My collaborative involvement in the dispersing of our monolayer graphene into our patented Battery cells to create Energy storage from lab scale to pilot scale to monumental manufacturing scale will completely redesign the landscape of the existing battery/energy storage marketplace worldwide! This simultaneously excites and humbles me.” It is obvious Wyatt is passionate about Energy Storage, Battery Development, and R&D!

Holding a bachelor’s in electrical engineering with an emphasis in power systems as well as a certificate in Coating Technical Institute Training has given Wyatt the base to grow and learn from our CTO Maher El-Kady as well as all of his colleagues.

Wyatt finds balance in life by spending time with his family, including his wife and energetic 5-year-old daughter. They enjoy swimming, hiking and wrestling [that last one is with the energetic 5-year-old…I think]. He also enjoys the outdoor ‘gems’ of Chico, CA and It’s neighboring counties including, but not limited to: Bidwell Park [4th largest municipal park in the U.S.], Yahi National Wilderness, Ishi Wilderness, Deer Creek and Lassen National Park to name a few. The latter has some geothermals that rival Yellowstone National Park!

When we asked Wyatt what he is most looking forward to in 2021 his response was: “2022, lol. It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?!” We can all relate to that statement. Actually, Wyatt and his wife are eagerly anticipating the renovation of their newly acquired property and finally getting ‘settled in’. 

Wyatt is most grateful to Nanotech Energy for the growth opportunities, both personal and professional. He has been increasing his ever-evolving knowledge about Energy and Energy Storage Systems through is close working relationship with Maher as well as all of his very knowledgeable colleagues. “I am extremely grateful to be involved in the trajectory of this ‘start up’ and the GIGANTIC scale up and build out that is currently under way!”

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