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Nanotech announces development and scaled process for the production of graphene oxide product with more than 90% of its content monolayers

September 9, 2020

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We are incredibly proud to announce that today Nanotech Energy has become the first graphene producer to break the 50% content barrier with it’s 90% content reduced graphene oxide product. With this breakthrough, Nanotech is planning on two graphene product lines to address the market need for products with controlled oxygen content.

The first product line will contain an oxygen content of nearly 13-15%, and the second product line with 3% oxygen content. The release date for both graphene product lines are anticipated by year-end 2020.

For years the graphene industry has worked to improve the material produced so that it is optimal for most applications. Reports indicate that the properties of graphene are sensitive to the number of layers in the product, defects and contaminants. Considering structural features, the graphene family can be classified into three main categories: monolayer graphene, few to multi-layer graphene (2-10 layers) and graphite microplatelets (>10 layers). Although several graphene and graphene oxide products are currently available in the market, the majority of products are technically micro-platelets.

Dr. Maher El-Kady, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nanotech Energy commented: “The graphene that Nanotech Energy is now producing exhibits outstanding electrochemical properties and a unique combination of large surface area, high electronic conductivity and excellent mechanical properties. Our graphene products have the potential to radically transform the graphene industry by providing high-quality graphene that can used in a wide range of products with unparalleled performance including batteries, supercapacitors, functional inks, conductive epoxy and EMI shielding.”

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