Published January 24 2024

Leading the conversation at the 2023 Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

At a leading industry gathering in December 2023, Nanotech Energy’s unique graphene-powered batteries generated significant attention.

Battery technologists and EV supply chain leaders showed their keen interest in Nanotech Energy’s planned heavy-duty battery cells during an eagerly-anticipated talk from Dr. Maher El-Kady at the 2023 Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in San Diego, CA.

Dr. El-Kady, Nanotech Energy’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, spoke on Day 2 of the conference as part of a morning session dedicated exclusively to heavy-duty fleet charging.

His talk, entitled ‘Advancing Lithium-ion Batteries for Sustainable Heavy-Duty Applications’, focused on how Nanotech Energy’s revolutionary battery technology redefines the typical electrodes, electrolyte, and separators found in a standard lithium-ion battery. In turn, this means our exclusively US-made graphene-powered batteries can meet the demands of high-power output, extended range, and durability like no others.

He was subsequently involved in a moderated Q&A session led by EV fleet expert Joshua Goldman, where Dr. El-Kady was joined on the panel by Shazan Siddiqi, senior technology analyst at IDTechEx, and Anthony De Vita, director (zero-emission vehicles) at Core States Energy.

“It was great to receive so many questions from the audience,” said Dr. El-Kady, “because it showed just how much interest there is in both our ground-breaking battery technology and the day-to-day progress of our Chico 2 production plant.

“We also received enquiries about the specifications of our planned heavy-duty application cells: how much capacity they can have, when they will be ready for testing, and how you can buy them. All of that is hugely encouraging because the industry is starting to understand the impact and potential consequences of our new battery chemistry.”

Dr. El-Kady previously attended AABC in 2022 alongside Nanotech Energy’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Curtis Collar. 

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