Open Positions at Nanotech Energy

Nanotech Energy is focused on developing next generation batteries, conductive inks and adhesives as well as EMI shielding materials. Nanotech Energy offers the opportunity to participate and join in the growth stage of a startup company and contribute at all levels to make an impact. As a small company, the work setting is challenging and dynamic in a diverse environment that promotes teamwork and inclusiveness.

Nanotech Energy seeks to fill multiple positions in the following areas:

Senior Battery Design Engineer

Experience in the lithium ion battery industry is preferred. Knowledge and understanding of lithium ion battery industry including material selection, electrode manufacturing, cell assembly, testing and failure mode analysis are necessary.

Lithium-Sulfur Battery Engineer/Scientist

The major focus of this position is the development and optimization of a lithium-sulfur battery. Three years of experience developing lithium-sulfur batteries is required.

Senior Battery Materials Engineer/Scientist

Knowledge of solid state battery development are highly desirable. Successful candidate is expected to play a key role in developing cathode materials for the production of solid state batteries.

Senior Engineer for Electrode Coating

Primary focus in the electrode fabrication area. The applicant will design innovative slurry and coating strategies using a breadth of scientific knowledge and coating techniques. Three to five years of mixing and coating experience is required.

Senior Research Scientist

for the production, processing and application of graphene. Knowledge in graphene synthesis and functionalization is required.Senior Materials Engineer/Scientist: The candidate is expected to have research experience in silver nanoparticles or nanowires synthesis, processing and application in inks. Prior knowledge of spray, inkjet and screen printing along with strong interpersonal skills is preferred.

Conductive Inks Specialist

Experienced scientist or engineer developing and formulating conductive inks for screen and inkjet printing applications. The candidate will be developing graphene-based inks for the growing markets of printed electronics and smart packaging. Materials and Process Engineer: You will be working with a cross-functional team of scientists and engineers to invent and prototype new techniques for the synthesis and processing of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials and adhesive applications. Prior knowledge of EMI/RF technology is preferred.

Process Engineer

Strong foundation in adhesive systems such as epoxies, acrylics, urethanes or silicones for potting and bonding applications is required.

Successful candidates will aid in the creation of the next generation of batteries, printed electronics, conductive adhesives and EMI shielding materials. They will design, assemble and evaluate graphene-based technologies, which require knowledge in chemistry, chemical and mechanical engineering, manufacturing, materials science,electrochemistry or any related fields.

Qualifications for the positions

  • For all positions, the candidate should have a broad knowledge base of materials engineering, preferably with a B.S. in Engineering or Chemistry or any related field
  • For positions 1-5, Ph.D. in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics or related degree is preferred.

How to apply

Qualified applicants are referred to send their applications to Dr. Maher El-Kady at

In the subject of the email, please indicate which position you are applying to.

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