Prime Graphene Oxide Paste


Prime Graphene Oxide is the oxidized form of graphene made by the oxidation of graphite. It is an atomically thin 2D material featuring massive oxygen contained functional groups at the graphene surface. Prime Graphene Oxide is highly hydrophilic, enabling its convenient processing from water on a large scale for many desired applications.


Graphene oxide exhibits a great deal of chemical, optical, mechanical, and electrical properties, which is ideal for plenty of applications including energy conversion and storage, photonics, optoelectronic devices, composites, catalysis, biomedical, membranes, water filtration, gas separations and surfactants. Also, graphene oxide is extensively used as a precursor to graphene.

Elemental Analysis

Carbon40-42 wt%
Hydrogen1.5-3.1 wt%
Nitrogen<0.3 wt%
Oxygen44-46 wt%

Product Specifications

Solid content (conc.)5-10 wt%
pH of the product1.9-3.0
Tapped density0.9-1.05 g/cm3
Lateral size of GO sheets (precision ±20%)D90 2.2 µm
D500.77 µm
D100.29 µm
Number of layersSingle atomic layers – at least 91.5%
* Lateral size of PGO nanosheets measured using AFM.
** Single atomic layers can be achieved by dispersing PGO in water followed by sonication for at least 5 min (probe) or 30 min (bath)

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