EMI Graphene Absorber

EMI Graphene Absorber
for Thermal Management
and EMI Shielding

Product Description

The graphene absorber is a thin, flexible and lightweight conductive sheet produced based on Nanotech SUPREME graphene technology. It offers superior electrical and thermal properties along with excellent mechanical flexibility and structure integrity.

Applications and Usages

The product can be used to efficiently dissipate heat and minimize problems associated with electromagnetic interference (EMI). Unlike conventional metal foils, the graphene absorber is mechanically strong, corrosion resistant and offer processing advantages.

High Electrical and thermal conductivity

Thin, flexible, lightweight and corrosion resistant

Easy to cut or trim and with stands repeated bending

Customized sheet sizes available

RoHS compliants

Product Features

The graphene absorber is designed to either keep out or keep in electromagnetic interference by reflecting and absorbing the incident radiation. It is also ideal for providing heatsinking in limited spaces.

We offer the absorber sheets in various thicknesses to meet the diverse requirements for EMI shielding applications. The material is flexible and can be cut into customizable shapes. See below EMI shielding effectiveness of the absorber tested at different thicknesses and when applied to different substrates.

Product Data

Graphene absorber
Color Black
Thickness 20-500 microns
Sheet Size 6" x 6" and 8" x 10"
Electrical Conductivity >1000 S/m
Thermal conductivity TBD
EMI Shielding >40dB at 100 kHz - 10 MHz > 40dB at 1 GHz and 60-100dB at 40GHz
Specific density Customizable between 0.8 and 1.6 g/cm3
Operating temperatures Up to 400°C
Tensile strength TBD
Extensional strength TBD


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