Custom Dispersion Program

Custom Dispersion Program

The exceptional properties of single layer Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide often require it to be dispersed in aqueous or organic solutions that are compatible with the production process.

Besides matching the appropriate solvent, it is imperative to determine the suitable loading factors to reach the desired performance improvements, as there is a point to which higher concentrations will result in diminished returns and unwanted added cost.

With the hydrophilic properties of Graphene Oxide and the hydrophobic properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide, Nanotech Energy can develop a dispersion that manages the strong interactions of the graphene sheets, to crucially keep the solution in flux at the required concentration.

Helping you effectively incorporate graphene

Whether it is increased strength, conductivity or other properties you are looking for, by working with your research team, Nanotech Energy scientists can shorten the time of theory to prototype and then use our production expertise to help you scale up to full production levels.

For the manufacturer that is not used to handling nanomaterials, Nanotech Energy can create a custom master batch freeing you from handling safety issues, costly processing mistakes and critical measurements.

Nanotech Energy has years of experience in the different techniques of Graphene and Graphene Oxide dispersions in our own products.

We are now offering to help you scale up or test your desired solvent with our graphene or someone else’s with our custom dispersion program.

Services Offered

Dispersing graphene in any solvent

Particle size control or sizes and analytical

Viscosity Tests

Binder Additive Tests

Stability Tests

Product Development

Elemental Analysis

Conductivity Test

Substrate Adherence Tests

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