Considering An Electric Car? Review The Risks And Learn How To Stay Safe

Jack Kavanaugh, Nanotech Energy CEO, reviews the risks of owning an electric car and how to stay safe in his article for the Forbes Technology Council.
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California, USA

Considering An Electric Car? Review The Risks And Learn How To Stay Safe

Electric vehicles are on pace to outsell cars that run on gas soon, making it easy to imagine a future where electric cars are ubiquitous. There is a good reason for this sea change: electric cars are better for the environment and save consumers money in the long run – recent reports indicate as much as $1,000 a year. Electric vehicles were one of the few economic bright spots during the COVID-19 pandemic; while car sales overall plummeted, sales of electric cars worldwide climbed to more than three million. For people who have a recharging station in their city, chances are there is often a long line.

There are ample reasons to feel good about electric vehicles, but consumers must consider one thing before they drive off with one: battery safety. Lithium-ion batteries – a feature of every electric car – have several safety concerns. With any nascent technology, it’s crucial to research where things stand. Consumers should do their homework and look at the potential downside of electric vehicles and their benefits before signing on the dotted line to purchase. They should also make sure they know how to protect their batteries – we’ll get into that below.

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