Published January 24 2024

Built for success: delving into the 18650 battery cells ready for production at Chico 2

As Nanotech Energy’s new manufacturing facility ramps up into full-scale operations, we take a closer look at the pioneering battery cells being made at this state-of-the-art development.

In 2024, Nanotech Energy’s new Chico 2 production facility will kick into life – and a range of partners will begin to receive our world-leading, graphene-based lithium-ion battery cells. “It’s an exciting time for us and for the wider battery community,” says Nanotech Energy’s Chief Operating Officer Troy Zerbe.

Mr. Zerbe believes every sector, from back-up battery application, energy storage, consumer electronics and even the EV space through to construction, mining, and naval applications, will benefit from the superior performance and inherently safe properties of Nanotech Energy’s unique battery cells.

He says: “As Chico 2 moves from plan to reality, we’re changing the conversation about how and where batteries can be produced for outstanding performance, safety, value, and sustainability.”

Three different 18650 cells will be manufactured at Chico 2. They are:

  1. 18650 2Ah LCO Safe Cell

When it comes to competing cells with similar chemistry, there is simply nothing comparable to Nanotech Energy’s 18650 2Ah LCO Safe Cell. Its lithium cobalt oxide (LCO) chemistry provides a high nominal voltage that exceeds nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) cells. It also offers all the expected advantages of a typical Nanotech Energy cell, including the ability to operate at extreme temperatures while maintaining a non-flammable profile and the guarantee of a high cycle life.

  1. 18650 2.1Ah NMC Power Cell

Designed specifically for energy storage, automotive, e-mobility, and construction use cases, this cell outperforms competitors from some of East Asia’s most high-profile tech companies. Unlike some of its main rivals, the 18650 2.1Ah NMC Power Cell (Flex) is made exclusively in the United States, meaning we can offer both circularity and reassuring quality as essential parts of our manufacturing process. Our Chico 2 facility can commit to high volumes of production to help partners achieve their ambitions.

  1. 18650 2.0Ah LFP Energy Cell

With an energy density 33% better than its closest competitor, the 18650 2.0Ah LFP Energy Cell is built to succeed in even the very toughest conditions. For use cases where pressures are high and stresses are constant, this cell is designed to keep going with reassuring consistency. 

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