Published February 29 2024

Breakthrough 21700 battery cells: a peek at what’s coming from Nanotech Energy in 2025

Breakthrough 21700 battery cells: a peek at what’s coming from Nanotech Energy in 2025

In 2025, Nanotech Energy’s Chico 2 production plant will begin delivery of three remarkable new 21700 cells.

American manufacturing is set to receive a significant boost over the coming two years as a range of graphene-based lithium-ion battery cells roll into production at our new site in Chico, CA.

In 2024, three different Nanotech Energy 18650 cells will come onto the market at a potential production rate of  30,000 cells a day. Then, in 2025, a further three Nanotech Energy 21700 cells will also become reality.

“Our technicians and scientists have honed the chemistry in these unique battery cells for several years,” says Nanotech Energy’s Chief Operating Officer Troy Zerbe. “The result is something truly remarkable. By introducing graphene into battery cells, we can deliver new levels of performance, stability, and safety – and all from within the United States. This is a major advance for the battery market and we look forward to driving new industry standards and expectations for many years to come.”

The three different 21700 cells to be manufactured at Chico 2 are:

  1. 21700 3.2Ah NMC Power Cell

Made exclusively in America, this nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) cell offers significant cost efficiency when compared to similar 18650 cells. Suitable for a range of uses and applications, from power tools and mowers through to navy, mining, and automotive, buyers also benefit from sustainable production and disposal methods. And, of course, US manufacturing means the highest quality products and reliable, accessible, and friendly local support.

  1. 21700 5.4Ah NMC High Energy Cell

Take a step forward from the rest of the market with this 5.4Ah cell. Compared to current 5.2Ah alternatives, it provides significantly better performance – offering reassurance to users in critical sectors such as aviation and construction. Its exceptional energy density is combined with a short life cycle, making it the perfect fit for drones, EVs, forklifts, cranes, and many more.

  1. 21700 4.65Ah NMC Cycle Life Optimized

Completing our 21700 line-up is this one-of-a-kind cell that reaches well beyond traditional 4.2Ah graphite cell competitors. Elsewhere in the market, 21700 cells contain silicon. Nanotech Energy takes a different approach, instead refining graphite to deliver a longer life cycle and creating a cell specifically designed for instances where 100% depth of discharge is needed.

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