Holiday Cheer for the New Year: Recapping 2020

Through the cheers and jeers of 2020, Nanotech Energy had a lot to celebrate! Our work is breaking barriers in the use of graphene and offering products that will move society forward with energy efficiency.

Nanotech in the News!

Nanotech Energy

As a leading manufacturer of graphene, we are so proud to referenced in a series of November articles focusing on our new generation of graphene batteries and our revolutionary graphene process

Nanotech Energy Launches EMI Shielding Product Line

EMI Shielding Product Line

Advanced Graphene Technology Creates Highly Conductive Coating for EMI-RFI Shielding and Heat Management LOS ANGELES – October 6, 2020– Nanotech Energy Inc. (“Nanotech Energy” or the “Company”), the leading manufacturer of graphene, today announces the debut of Nanotech EMI Armour Paint & Sheets, graphene powered coatings and films for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency … Read more

Nanotech Energy Launches 90% Content Graphene Scaled for Process; The First and Only Graphene Producer to Break the 50% Content Barrier


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nanotech Energy Inc. (“Nanotech Energy” or the “Company”), manufacturer of the purest graphene, announces it has developed and scaled process for the production of graphene with more than 90% of its content monolayers; the purest form of graphene available in mass production quantities.