Published April 18 2022

Nanotech Energy Announces Pre-Orders for Fully Customizable, Non-Flammable Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Now available for pre-orders and shipping Q4 2022 to industry-leading OEMs, non-flammable batteries and pouch cell battery packs can be fully customized to fit any form factor or container; CES 2022 Innovation Award winner in Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy category to showcase its battery tech at CES 2022 and meet with OEMs

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nanotech Energy, the leading producer of high-performance, graphene-based energy storage, today announced it will begin taking pre-orders of its fully customizable, non-flammable batteries and pouch cell battery packs, which provide safer and more powerful energy storage solution than traditional lithium-ion batteries and battery packs. Powered by Nanotech Energy’s graphene-based electrodes and proprietary non-flammable electrolyte the new lithium-ion batteries can be fully customized to fit any form factor or container, which eliminates the need for OEMs to redesign existing products or compromise new ones. The non-flammable battery packs can be used to power electric vehicles, bikes and scooters, consumer electronics, military equipment and other devices and machines that are – or will soon be – electrified. Recently honored with a CES 2022 Innovation Award for its non-flammable, Graphene batteries, Nanotech Energy will showcase its 100% customizable, non-flammable batteries and pouch cell battery packs at CES 2022 in the Venetian Expo, Eureka Park, Booth #60336 from January 5 – 8, 2022, at CES Unveiled on Monday evening, January 3, and at Showstoppers at CES on Wednesday evening, January 5 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. View a short video of Nanotech Energy here.

“Battery storage has yet to reach its potential — until now,” said Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Nanotech Energy. “Unlike traditional battery packs that pose serious fire risks, Nanotech Energy’s non-flammable lithium-ion batteries are intrinsically safe and environmentally-friendly, which we believe will inspire more industries to switch from gas to electric. Ultimately, our batteries will enable faster adoption by significantly decreasing the amount of time and accumulative costs OEMs currently incur related to testing and integrating new battery technology.”

The global renewable energy market is expected to reach $1.1 trillion U.S. dollars by 2027. Industry convergence is accelerating due to an increasing number of government-backed renewable energy policies and goals, the electrification of transportation and industrials, and oil and gas companies’ increased participation in the electricity value chain. Furthermore, the demand for improved battery performance is expected to increase from 185 GWh in 2020 to over 2,000 GWh by 2030.

Increasingly, lithium-ion battery fires and safety issues are among the leading barriers to an electric future. Nanotech Energy’s groundbreaking energy storage technology provides the high capacity of a battery and the power performance of supercapacitors in a single solution with its proprietary, non-flammable Graphene batteries. The volumetric energy density of traditional lithium-ion batteries is at best 250-600 Wh/L, however, Nanotech Energy has developed five different generations of graphene-based batteries that push the limits of energy density to 400 to 900 Wh/L on the cell level.

Nanotech Energy’s Graphene batteries demonstrate more than 1400 cycles (nearly 10 years) of use for 80% cut-off, compared to a traditional lithium-ion battery’s 300-500 cycles (about two to three years). Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, Nanotech Energy’s batteries also maintain performance even during extreme temperatures and weather conditions (-40°C to +50°C / -40°F to +122°F), and decrease charge times significantly with options for more sustainable models that are easily recycled.

“Our ability to offer customized batteries in various sizes and form factors allows us to work closely with customers to create batteries and battery packs that meet precise requirements,” said Dr. Maher El-Kady, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, of Nanotech Energy. “We provide customers with full engineering solutions from battery design concept through prototyping and testing to large scale manufacturing. Whether customers are looking for high energy density, fast charging or extreme safety, our goal is to provide batteries and battery packs that meet and exceed customer specifications while also keeping them at or below budget.”

Nanotech Energy’s non-flammable lithium-ion batteries will be produced at its recently announced, 517-acre, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Storey County, Nevada, east of Reno, which is slated to open in Q4 2022 and will bring 1000+ jobs to the region over the next five years. Contact to set up a meeting prior to or during CES, or visit to learn more. Access the Nanotech Energy Press Kit here.

About Nanotech Energy

Nanotech Energy is on a mission to bring transformative, graphene-based, energy storage products from the research lab to the mass market. Our very high surface area, single layer graphene material is already being used in multiple applications, including non-flammable lithium-ion batteries, transparent conducting electrodes, conductive inks, printed electronics, conductive epoxy and antistatic coatings.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Jack Kavanaugh and noted UCLA scientists, Dr. Richard Kaner and Dr. Maher El-Kady, Nanotech Energy is headquartered in Los Angeles and is a privately held company backed by Multiverse Investment Fund, Fubon Financial Group and other strategic investors. Learn more at

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