Chief Technology Officer

Maher El-Kady



Dr. Maher El-Kady is a visionary, seasoned, and dynamic professional, with extensive scientific and regulatory expertise in developing new materials, devices and solutions for consumer electronics, energy storage, medical, and aerospace applications, focused on driving corporate growth and innovation by translating goals into actionable strategies and operating plans that support the business.


Maher El-Kady is a co-founder and chief science and technology officer at Nanotech Energy, Inc. and a professional researcher at the UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. His research focuses on the design and implementation of new materials and devices to address challenges in energy, electronics, and sustainability. ​His groundbreaking work on graphene led to the development of Nanotech Energy, Inc. where he is leading a team of scientists and engineers for converting their research from the laboratory scale to mass production. He is also leading the company efforts for the development of the next generation batteries, functional inks, printed and wearable electronics, conductive adhesives and EMI shielding products.

Expertise and Achievements

El-Kady is among the top 1% researchers in the fields of chemistry and in materials science & engineering. He made notable contributions to the chemistry of graphene and to the fields of batteries and supercapacitors, implantable medical devices, nanogenerators for wearable and skin electronics, chemical sensors and biosensors, solar cells, artificial photosynthesis, water remediation, and environmental monitoring.

El-Kady has co-authored nearly 200 patents issued and pending and more than 60 papers in prestigious journals, attracting more than 16,000 citations. His professional experiences resulted in nearly 20 national and international awards including C&EN Talented 12 from American Chemical Society, C-Level Focus Magazine Best CTO, the UCLA Herbert Newby McCoy Award, Amgen Postdoctoral Award, Lindau Graduate Student Award, the Cairo University Presidential Award for Excellence in Research in addition to a research award from the Government of Egypt.

He discussed his research in a movie produced for the Sundance Film Festival on ideas that could change the world. He also appeared in the popular NOVA science show and on BBC Four screen in a series of episodes that tell the stories behind some of the most significant inventions that helped shape the world we live in today. He also featured with Nobel laureate, Harry Kroto, whose discovery of the fullerenes some 35 years ago spurred a global wave of research in nanotechnology. Throughout his career, El-Kady developed a long-standing passion for creating “smart” materials that will transform our lives.

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