Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Curtis Collar



Mr. Collar’s capacity to deliver consistent revenue growth is testament to his long-term vision, an analytical appreciation of sophisticated technologies and industries, and his ability to develop powerful, multi-faceted relationships that yield ongoing partnership opportunities.


Throughout his career in technical and fast-moving sales environments, Mr. Collar has demonstrated a prized skillset that sets him apart from many of his contemporaries. Educated with a degree in chemical engineering, he is able to identify opportunities ahead of the competition and adept at developing strategic insights that gain maximum leverage. His deep vision and understanding of complex business development environments facilitates a powerful capacity to create, execute and refine effective sales and marketing strategies. Across all his leadership roles, Mr. Collar has a proven record in generating significant growth and bottom-line uplifts.

Expertise and Achievements

Before joining Nanotech Energy, Mr. Collar served as DuPont’s Global Technology Manager – Electric Vehicles. He and his global teams identified, developed, and commercialized new technologies that created competitive advantages, aiming to improve the range, efficiency, and safety of EVs, and developed collaborations with some of the sector’s biggest names. Previous roles had seen him responsible for building, developing, and leading the inaugural technical roadmap and technical teams for electric vehicles at SABIC. Prior to those roles he spent time at several smaller companies building and executing business plans, delivering robust business pipelines from the ground up in various material technologies including plastics, coatings, adhesives and textiles, and subsequent applications.

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