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Nanotech Energy is the World's top supplier of Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Graphene superBATTERIES which are durable, light and perfect for high capacity energy storage with ultra-fast charge times.

World's 1st Graphene Patent

Nanotech energy owns the world’s first graphene patent which was filed in May of 2002. Nobel prize winning researchers Sir Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov’s first work on graphene was published two years later. Since 2002, Nanotech Energy has staked its claim on 20+ patents in graphene synthesis, applications and much more.

Changingthe world Today

Hyped as the material of tomorrow, Graphene is the future of today in all of Nanotech Energy products. We are leading the charge to turn graphene and other nano materials into safer and more powerful products with our Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Graphene SUPERbattery solutions.


Imagine a world where charging your smart phone, laptop, power tools, medical devices or even electric cars happened in just a few minutes with an energy storage system that runs three times longer than traditional batteries on a single charge. Hyped as the material of tomorrow, Graphene is the future of today in all of Nanotech Energy products. We are leading the charge to turn graphene and other nano materials into safer and more powerful products with our Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Graphene SUPERbattery solutions.


Our Graphene has an ultrahigh surface area and high conductivity which is ideal for batteries, supercapacitors, sensors, solar cells, membranes and more.

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Anhydrous Single Layer Intercalated Graphene Oxide Powder

Aqueous Single Layer Reduced Graphene Oxide Granular Solid Hydrate | Route to production: Single Layer Oxidation --- DFF filtration --- DFF H2O Wash


Nanotech provides graphene ink with high electric conductivity and excellent mechanical properties that are good for a wide range of applications.

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Conductive Graphene Ink

Nanotech Energy starts with the finest Reduced Graphene Oxide there is. Tested against others we have on average 100 times more surface area than any RGO and Graphene we have tested. Our conductive ink is environmentally friendly. We are carbon based, and spills will not hurt the environment.


We offer Graphene oxide in different formulations that are designed to be customized for a wide range of applications.

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Aqueous Single Layer Graphene Oxide Paste

Nanotech Energy’s graphene oxide offerings are highly customizable for every kind of application. Whether you require a paste, solution, or powder Nanotech Energy offers graphene oxide at various levels of concentration and oxidation.

Customized Products

We offer highly-customized graphene oxide solutions to fit any use case.


Unlike other graphene suppliers, Nanotech Energy offers monolayer graphene with the largest surface area available in the market; in excess of 1600 m2/g combined with ultrahigh electronic conductivity of 7700 S/m. We can also control the lateral size of graphene sheets which means that graphene can establish percolation at extremely low concentrations in composites. While the marketplace provides multilayer and graphite nanoplatelets, Nanotech Energy offers truly single layer graphene sheets.

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Graphene Inks

Nanotech Energy’s Conductive Inks are the result of years of research by some of the most knowledgeable scientists in the graphene industry.

Smartwach preview

Water and solvent based graphene inks.

Decorative line

Nominal less than 40 ohm/sq/mil
Typical 32 ohm/sq/mil

Decorative line

Parameters such as concentration of Graphene, Particle size & surface tension are adjustable depending on the application.

Decorative line

Inkjet and screen printing, conductive coatings, smart fabrics, EMI shielding, battery and supercapacitor electrodes.

Decorative line

Graphene Oxide

Nanotech Energy offers graphene oxide in three formulations: paste, powder and solution.

Graphene Oxide Paste

Graphene oxide paste is a highly concentrated, viscous solution of single layer graphene oxide, becoming a paste even in a solution of 75% GO in water.


Single layer graphene oxide in the powder form. Ideal for applications that require processing from non-aqueous solutions.

Graphene Oxide Solution

Single layer graphene oxide dispersion at a concentration of 2% in water.


Explore our facilities and find out how Graphene is produced in Chico, CA.


Meet our team of World class scientists, engineers and doctors.

Jack Kavanaugh


Dr. Kavanaugh’s background as a physician and a business executive has led to the development of an unusual skill set...(read more)


He has developed and managed companies at every stage – from inception to successful sale – creating industry-leading products and investor profits. Although his work spans a number of industries, he has focused on the health and science technology sector, capitalizing on...

Maher El Kady


After a PhD degree in chemistry from UCLA, Maher joined Nanotech Energy as the chief technology officer.


His research focused on the use of graphene for energy storage technologies such as lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors. He holds more than 10 United States patents pending and 25 research articles in prestigious journals including Science and Nature...

Scott Laine


Scott is responsible for development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, operations and financial management of multiple companies.


Scott has worked in many different industries from mining to next generation battery development, driving strategic product development to open new markets and operational ingenuity in cost efficient manufacturing and distribution.

Richard Kaner

Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

In his research in organic & materials chemistry, Professor Richard B. Kaner focuses on the design of new high-temperature materials & their synthesis by new chemical methods.


Dr. Kaner has been continuously honored for his outstanding contributions to the fields of chemistry and biochemistry. He holds over 29 U.S. patents—with 50 more pending –and has published more than 350 papers in major peer-reviewed journals.

Scott Jacobson

Equity Investor & Consultant

Scott Jacobson is an equity investor and consultant to startup companies, venture capital and syndicated real estate ventures.


After studying electrical engineering, Jacobson worked on wall street as an account executive for E.F Hutton and Paine Weber. In 2005 Jacobson negotiated the sale of EOC to London Stock Exchange listed Daily Mail and General Trust plc for over 250x invested equity.

Robert Snukal

Board of Directors

Robert Snukal, the chief executive officer of National Quality Care, Inc., will use his expertise to develop prototypes and launch initial products in a number of industries.


His work with Dr. Kavanaugh dates back to 2009 when he joined ZetaRx Biosciences, Inc. as Board member. There, he was integrally involved in its sale to create Juno Therapeutics.

Mahi de Silva

Board of Directors

A Silicon Valley veteran with a strong track record for creating, financing, building and scaling businesses that have had a $1B+ exits.


He serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pre-Cash, and is a strategic advisor to Opera Software, ASA, where he helped engineer a $1.4B acquisition by a consortium of Chinese investors...

Matt Kowal

Chief Scientist

Matt holds 3 pending patents on the production, purification and use of graphene oxide on...


After graduating from UCLA, Matt joined Nanotech Energy as the Chief Scientist of Graphene Oxide Production. His current research focuses on top down synthesis 2 dimensional materials. He holds 3 pending patents on the production, purification and use of graphene oxide on an industrial scale.

Ben Presley

Operations Manager

Lab operations, production & quality control manager with over 28 years experience in all facets of manufacturing.


Presley is the owner of Prescott Logistics, a leading wholesaler of Natural Stone Products and Transportation Company. He has consulted in product development of Electronic Technologies, Cultured food products, and Pro-Biotic beverages.


with Dr. Richard Kaner and Grant Imahara


Nanotech Energy has been featured in tech magazines, blogs and PRs across the World.