Transforming the world with next gen super materials.

It starts with graphene.

  • Electric cars that last more than 400 miles on a single charge
  • Smartphones charged in seconds
  • Medical devices that are always on duty

All of these breakthroughs will be thanks to graphene.

Graphene powered batteries

Infinitely safer, smarter, longer lasting & American-made. 

Our research and testing team worked tirelessly to develop a non-flammable, inexpensive and stable electrolyte. Their efforts paid off when we discovered a solution that could do all of this and store more charge.

But it doesn’t stop there

What’s next?

Whether it’s bullet proof armor or ultralight airplanes, Nanotech is here to refine the everyday, one revolutionary product at a time.

A brighter future in storage

Cutting-Edge Battery technology

Materials made for breakthrough

Super Materials

Inventing world-firsts


Our team holds one of the earliest patents on making graphene, and since then we’ve been striving for even bigger and better achievements.

Mass production

Once an unsolvable challenge, mass producing graphene is now possible thanks to our groundbreaking development process.

New projects

This means that we can create powerful new products across markets through applications in batteries, conductive inks, printed electronics and more.


We can produce quality, at-scale graphene with more than 95% monolayer product.

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